How sustainable is Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Published on Monday, December 14Groen & Duurzaam

We would also like to inspire our members of the network with examples of sustainability projects from the neighborhood. This time the Dutch National Opera & Ballet is in the spotlight. Suzanne van de Wolfshaar explains how sustainability plays a role in tte theater.

The Dutch National Opera & Ballet (NOB) is one of the founders of our neighborhood network. Sustainability is a core theme within the NOB. The institution is affiliated with two sustainable collectives: the Zero Waste Expedition Plantage (ZWEP) and Plantage Energie.

Suzanne van de Wolfshaar, as head of facility services, is closely involved in these projects and likes to talk about how the NOB contributes; “Sustainability is very important in our organization, we want to make our contribution. Partly because we have many materials that can be easily reused”.

Since the summer of 2020, the Dutch National Opera & Ballet has started the separate collection of 17 waste streams: Batteries, Glass, Bulky waste, Wood, SCC, Coffee cups, Coffee grounds, Lamps, Paper / cardboard, PMD, Clean foils, Scrap, Swill / GFT, Toners , Fat, White goods, and of course residual waste. “Where we create waste, we want to keep it as minimal as possible, and then dispose of it responsibly. By disposing of the waste via the electric boats used by ZWEP, we emit as little CO2 as possible. Efficient and sustainable “, says Suzanne.

The waste that is released in Dutch National Opera & Ballet is not always the same, because of the performances. “During the summer break, for example, materials are cleaned up, and a lot of plastic and cardboard is used again during the performances.” So there is a lot of switching within the organization. This was also the case when the reorganization of the waste plan started; suddenly many extra containers were added for the extra waste flows. “We have a lot of specialism in-house. During the corona crisis, there was less work in some departments. Our own colleagues then designed and built a tipper ourselves, with which we can dump the wheelie bins into the compactor containers.”

Inspired? Do you also want to work on making your company more sustainable and benefit from knowledge sharing with organizations such as the Dutch National Opera & Ballet?

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