Hermitage Amsterdam Kidsproof

Published on Tuesday, November 30News

The Hermitage Amsterdam received the Kidsproof title during the online Museumkids Awards. This title is awarded to museums that are assessed with an 8 or higher during inspections by children of Museumkids of the Museum Association. It is therefore a real public award. To qualify, a museum needs at least 35 reviews with an average of 8.

Children’s activities around knights until January 9
Despite the declining visitor numbers in the past year, children managed to find the Hermitage Amsterdam remarkably well. There is plenty to do and experience for children during the Tsars and Knights-exhibition. In addition to the spectacular layout with a real tournament field with horses and harnesses, there are some facts about the knighthood for the little ones. Children from the age of six can travel to the knighthood with a radio play and accompanying treasure hunt and go on a dragon hunt. Children from 12 years old can play the Grand Art Game Live on a smartphone in the exhibition and for visitors from 15 years there was the #tour in which Tim Hofman mirrors objects and themes from the knighthood with the present.

Tsars and Knights, until January 9, 2022, Hermitage Amsterdam, Nieuwe Keizersgracht 1