H’ART Museum new name for the Hermitage

Published on Monday, June 26News

Director Annabelle Birnie today announced new international partnerships with the British Museum, Center Pompidou and Smithsonian American Art Museum bringing world-famous art collections come to Amsterdam. A fresh start, after the break with Hermitage St. Petersburg, for the museum; from Friday 1 September known as H’ART Museum.

This morning a large group of interested parties, including our own community manager Kim Hagenaar, gathered for the press release where the museum’s new direction was presented.

After a warm welcome by director Annabelle Birnie the new era of the museum was presented. A future in which stories and art (from antiquity to the present) come together, which opens eyes, touches hearts, and shows the world of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Laurent Le Bon (President of the Center Pompidou) and Stephanie Stebich (Margaret and Terry director of Smithsonian American Art Museum) were invited to join Annabelle on stage. Unfortunately, Hartwig Fischer, director of the British Museum, was unable to attend today.

Together with these international partners, world-famous art collections will be brought to Amsterdam. The first major exhibition of H’ART Museum is the Kandinsky exhibition with Center Pompidou in mid-2024. Later, in 2026, The Britsh Museum will present the exhibition Feminime power. The complete programming for the next few years will be announced in late 2023. During the 750th anniversary of Amsterdam (in 2025), they will give the city a Rembrandt exhibition with one of the world’s most important private collections of 17th-century Dutch art.

A nice program to look forward to and for those who can’t wait, the video installation Clubbing (2012) by the Smithsonian American Art Museum can be seen in the Museumzaal as of today.

With these world-class partners, H’ART Museum can draw from a very rich and diverse collection(s) and easily bring together art stories from all over the world!

H’ART Museum Amstel 51, Amsterdam