Happy sustainable holidays

Published on Tuesday, December 8News

Do you want to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a sustainable way? Worth trying! We have listed a few alternatives for the Christmas tree, decorations, gifts and some other party-tips for you. Some are very obvious, others are really special. Use it to your advantage! And  let’s ensure the most sustainable holidays possible.

  • There are many tips for a sustainable Christmas tree on-line; A Christmas tree with a root ball, which can be put back in the ground, whether or not adopted
  • A wooden Christmas tree, available in many garden centers and furniture stores
  • More tips about the most sustainable Christmas tree and Christmas party here
  • If you focus on the decoration, you may no longer need a tree. For inspiration, visit notmartha.org
  • Buy 100% paper decorations, confetti, streamers, etc. Avoid plastic, glitter confetti, spray snow, especially if the decoration is to be used outside.
  • Try to keep the Christmas menu as sustainable as possible by choosing vegetarian / vegan, local and seasonal products, and get your groceries close by in the neighborhood
  • Look around the neighborhood for Christmas and gift packages. There is quite a lot on offer in the Plantagebuurt (examples can be found here). And also buy from a thrift store or second-hand store.
  • Do not use candles: these are often made from paraffin. Use LED candles or other LED lighting.
  • We found a nice gift idea for yourself or your loved ones in the CIRLC newsletter; a membership of Oproep Groen-to be.
  • A gift that does good for the world is of course the best; check out Doctors without Borders for a Christmas gift that can save lives.

Happy sustainable holidays!