Guided tours of the Marineterrein Innovation Pavilion

Published on Wednesday, January 10News

There is a small red pavilion on the Marineterrein at the inner harbor: the Innovation Pavilion. It is made with innovative and organic materials.

In 2024, the pavilion will be open to the public every third Thursday of the month at 4 p.m. Visitors can learn more about the special innovations. There will be guided tours of the pavilion, the pavilion will open, and you will receive an explanation about innovative materials and the test itself. Meet at the pavilion on the Marineterrein. It is necessary to register to participate. This can be done by email If there are too few registrations, the tour will be cancelled.

Biobased building material in the pavilion
A large part of the building materials in the Innovation Pavilion is biobased. These are building materials made from fungi, algae, plants, bacteria or animal material. These raw materials are grown, harvested and used in an ecologically responsible way. Moreover, you can easily reuse them, so you don’t have to grow them again. We also call this circular use.

Biobased building materials often absorb CO₂. This CO₂ is, as it were, stored during the growth of the crop. Because the material can be reused, the CO₂ is no longer released.

You can read more about the pavilion on the municipality’s website.