Grow your own vegetables in the neighborhood vegetable garden

Published on Monday, January 10News

Maybe you’ve always wanted it: a place to grow your own vegetables in the middle of the city? Or do you just think it’s fun to be busy with people from your neighborhood? Then rent a container in the neighborhood vegetable garden De Tropentuin next year and get started growing vegetables.

Growing vegetables in the middle of the city
Hidden between KIT and Oosterpark is the Tropentuin. There has been a neighborhood vegetable garden here since 2018, with a garden full of native herbs, a greenhouse, worm hotel, bean hoppers and twenty vegetable garden boxes. Local residents, and employees and tenants in KIT have built the boxes themselves from recycled materials.

Rent a box!
Do you live, work or attend school nearby? Then sign up now for the vegetable garden season of 2022. You rent your own vegetable garden box for the entire season, you receive a box including soil and compost and you can use the garden tools and seeds of the Tropentuin. You can also enjoy vegetable gardening together and get to know your fellow tropical gardeners. Various activities are organized for local residents, so that you learn all the ins and outs about vegetable gardening and get in touch with the neighborhood.

Sign up using the form on this website.
Do you want to know more? Watch the video about the vegetable garden here.