Green thumb or not; bloom and grow with tips from IVN

Published on Saturday, April 29News

IVN has tips for you, to ensure growth and flowering in your border, on your balcony or in your garden. Whether you have a green thumb or not…..

The growing season has begun. Time to roll up your sleeves and green your outdoor space. And the great thing is: you don’t have to have a green thumb to bring your garden or balcony to life. Get dirty fingers!

Put the flowers outside
Do you want to give your garden a makeover this spring or put beautiful flowers on your balcony, in your border or facade garden? Use the free IVN Flowering Calendar to choose plants that flower in succession, so that you have flowers all year round. Fun for you and good for the insects.

From worm hotel to mushrooms
IVN gives you lots of tips. On the website you will find online courses, instructional videos and more; about how to boost your garden, for example, make a worm hotel, grow mushrooms as a beginner, how to get your neighborhood green in Amsterdam, how to create a Tuiny Forest, how to get life back in your garden, improve the soil, etc., etc.

New bio Bloom package
If you like convenience, the IVN Tuiny Bloom Package might be something for you; with the 13 indigenous and organic plants from this package you will have your own blooming paradise from spring to autumn.

Let’s make all gardens and borders a little greener. This way we combat heat stress, the soil can absorb rainwater again and we give plants and animals a home. You can help!

IVN, Plantage Middenlaan 2c