Go for a walk; the Walk During Your Working Day 2023

Published on Saturday, March 25News

On April 6 it’s WDYWD’23; Wandelnet and the province of Utrecht call on employers and employees to walk during a (home) working day, and not just on this day!

Did you know that… half of the working Netherlands has a sedentary profession. Almost 4 million Dutch people spend far too long seated on a normal day. Research shows that employees with a sedentary profession sit an average of 9.1 hours a day. Time for change!

Wandelnet and the province of Utrecht believe that walking should become a regular part of a working day. By means of the 5 pillars of the Walking During Your Work Day campaign, they call on working people in the Netherlands during the kick-off and from 6 April to interrupt that sitting. Discover how you as an individual or organization can participate!

Whether you participate as an individual for yourself or as an organization to activate your employees in the workplace; help and call on the working Netherlands to interrupt that sitting. Organize a fun walking activity yourself or show that you are participating too! To help you, there is a communication toolkit and there are tips for organizing your own fun walking activity #walkingtimesjewerkdag

Go for a walk! This will take you away from your workplace for a while, activate your brain and keep you healthy and fit. In addition, after 20 minutes of walking you are more concentrated, more energetic and more creative. So count your profit, work on your health and go for a walk during your working day!

Walk during your work day, April 6, 2023, more info on Wandelnet.nl