Give a Christmas gift that saves lives

Published on Monday, December 12News

National director of fellow member Doctors Without Borders about a Christmas gift that does well and that you can put together yourself……

In a troubled time like this, I wish you happy holidays. The world has changed rapidly due to war and the climate crisis. In the countries where we work, people suffer severely from violence, hunger and floods. Our teams provide medical care in more than 85 countries, including during the holidays. Will you help? Fill a Christmas gift with medical supplies; Yes, I give a Christmas gift.

Medical aid to people in need
With your Christmas gift you help people in dire need. For example, Ukrainians who were injured in the war. Children in Somalia who are malnourished and are fighting for their lives. Or mothers in Yemen who have to give birth in a war zone.

Your Christmas package helps
With your Christmas gift we offer help to people who would otherwise not receive medical care. Anywhere, from Ter Apel to Afghanistan. During the holidays and any other day of the year. Thank you!

Happy holidays and a healthy 2023, warm regards, Judith Sargentini, Director Doctors Without Borders for the Netherlands