Gedenktekens bij 3 tramhaltes

Published on Sunday, April 14News

The Municipality of Amsterdam and Municipal Transport Company GVB have decided that permanent memorials with information about the deportation of Jews will be erected at three tram stops in Amsterdam as soon as possible. 

The stops at Plantage Middenlaan, Beethovenstraat and Victorieplein were central points in the deportation of Jewish Amsterdammers during the Second World War.

The placement of the memorials is one of the actions that resulted from a conversation between Amsterdam, GVB and the Central Jewish Consultation (CJO).

Disappeared City
The municipality, GVB and CJO met last month to discuss the book and the documentary ‘Disappeared City’. It accurately and impressively describes the horrible role the Amsterdam Municipal Tram (and later the Municipal Transport Company) played in the deportation of tens of thousands of Jewish fellow citizens.

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