GASSAN launches Amsterdam City of Diamonds website

Published on Monday, March 7News

Founding partner of our network GASSAN Diamonds launches website with everything you want to know about diamonds.

If you want to know everything about diamonds, carats, cuts, the processing, settings or the craft of diamond cutting and Amsterdam as a diamond city, you can now visit the Amsterdam City of Diamonds website.

Amsterdam has been the city of diamonds for more than 400 years. The diamond workers who returned after the war ensured that Amsterdam is ‘the City of Diamonds’ to this day. It is therefore self-evident that two Amsterdam diamond dealers Royal Coster Diamonds and GASSAN Diamonds together form ‘Amsterdam City of Diamonds’. The foundation was established in 1982 and over the years has promoted the special Dutch diamond craft for which our city is so famous.

We are proud to announce that the Amsterdam City of Diamonds foundation has launched a website, where the joint events, the craft and the history are gladly shared! We organize various (free) tours and workshops to let the world discover our arts.

If you are interested in a collaboration or partnership, view our website.

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