From gray to green at our neighbors!

Published on Tuesday, June 1News

We share a lot with our neighbors of the Knowledge Mile BIZ (Wibaut-, Weesper- and Valkenburgerstraat). For example, striving for greenery on the street and wanting to be a neighborhood that is as sustainable as possible.

In doing so, we coöperate if this provides added value. Why make it difficult, when you can do it together! Until July 10, an installation of the Knowlegde Mile, entitled ‘From gray to green’, can be seen the Jonas Daniël Meijerplein (where the Dokwerker is located). And the great thing is that you can share your own ideas about the green future of the Knowledge Mile here too!

Make a sketch, drawing, photo or painting and send it in via Then your dream will be given a place on the installation. For more information, you can check the site.

And there is a nice podcast with Amsterdammers talking! Listen to the podcast via this link.