Free compost on March 25!

Published on Friday, March 17News

Saturday 25 March is National Compost Day.

Many municipalities in the Netherlands hand out free compost on this day. As a thank you for separating the waste, but also to encourage people to continue doing so.

Amsterdam also distributes free compost. The bags of compost are ready for you at all Waste Points. 1 bag per household, as long as supplies last. You don’t have to hand in yard waste to get free compost.

Compost in De Plantage
This distribution campaign by the municipality is hopefully the precursor of the latest initiative in the Plantage neighborhood. The aim is to install one or more composting installations, where entrepreneurs, cultural institutions and residents can bring their organic waste. These installations supply warm water and compost, which we gladly return to the neighbourhood. We will keep you informed of the progress of these plans!

More information
Want to know where you can hand in garden waste or collect the compost? Read all about free compost from the municipality here!