Flip those tiles and make way for greenery

Published on Monday, March 28News

The Dutch Championship ‘Tegelwippen'(flipping tiles) has started again. From March 21 to October 31, all municipalities in the Netherlands can compete for ‘the Golden Tile’. The municipality that exchanges the most tiles for greenery per inhabitant wins. Of course Amsterdam is participating again. Remove those tiles from your garden and help the city to victory. The municipality will collect your tiles.
In 2021, almost 2 Johan Cruijff Arenas have been added to green with more than 170,000 tiles removed. Also help improve this score this year.

More green is cool
With fewer tiles in the garden, there is more room for greenery. Lots of greenery and fewer tiles help to keep the garden and the city cooler. Rainwater also drains better and your garden is visited by birds again.

In April, May, June, September and October, the municipality collects garden tiles for free.

How to participate:

  • Register tiles for the collection day that suits you.
  • Remove tiles from your garden to make way for greenery.
  • Place your tiles on the corner of the street; the municipality collects them for free.

For more information, the collection days per district and to register your tiles, visit rainproof.nl/tegelservice.