Film about GASSAN Diamonds family business

Published on Monday, December 14News

We reported earlier about one of the founders and celebrating member of our neighborhood network: GASSAN Diamonds. The family business exists 75 years. The head office in the beautiful building on Uilenburgerstraat receives an average of 400,000 tourists and visitors on an annual basis. A good explanation, to tourists, about diamonds and the craft of diamond polishing turned out to be a success formula in the past. Visitors can book different types of tours, including an extensive tour of the diamond factory.

Film about the family business
GASSAN has made a beautiful film about the origin and success of the family business; the GASSAN Diamonds documentary. You can watch the film here.

In the first three months of the year, there is another great promotion for local residents of the Plantage; read more about the promotion here

Read more about the company’s history in our post earlier this year.

Would you like to book a tour? You can do that here.