Famous Dutch people share sustainable dilemmas

Published on Tuesday, February 13News

The Hortus recently launched a new podcast by sustainable lifestyle expert Marieke Eyskoot: This is a Good Podcast – for a more sustainable life.

From the Palm Greenhouse – surrounded by centuries-old palms and cycads – Marieke interviews famous Dutch people about their sustainable motivations, dilemmas, devils and dreams! How have Thekla Reuten’s sustainable choices influenced her career? What conscious new job does Eric Corton have? What does Patrick Martens secretly like to eat on set? You’ll hear it all in the first season of This is a Good Podcast – for a more sustainable life.

Sustainable tips (and frustrations)
In the very first episode, Marieke welcomes actor Thekla Reuten. Amid the lush greenery in the Palmenkas, she tells Marieke that her sustainable choices have had consequences for her career.

The second guest is actor and presenter Patrick Martens. In the middle of the Hortus, Patrick expresses his sustainable frustrations (“why do we have to have straight cucumbers?!”), but he also gives super handy sustainable tips for at home!

Other guests include Sosha Duysker, Jennifer Hoffman, Sanne Vogel, Merel Westrik and Nadia Zerouali.

The podcast can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube music and can be seen on YouTube. More information here.