Every day in De Plantage is Sustainable Tuesday….

Published on Monday, September 5News

On September 6, it was Sustainable Tuesday again, a day on which sustainable ideas and initiatives are given a stage in political The Hague. On this day, the cabinet received the Sustainable Tuesday suitcase with hundreds of sustainable ideas and initiatives from all corners of our society.

Sustainable in De Plantage neighborhood
All well and good, but we know that the practical organisation is still a thing….. That’s why we have the Sustainable Plantage Program within De Plantage. Within our network, we work hard every day on this. Because if you organize it well and work together, the impact of what you do is bigger, and everyone in the neighborhood – entrepreneurs, residents and institutions – can also benefit. We thought this would be a great opportunity to highlight our projects again, by subject:

Procurement: Sustainable Procurement Platform (in collaboration with Knowledge Mile BIZ)

  • Always a sustainable choice, competitive prices
  • The more purchases, the greater the benefits and impact!

Energy: our own purchasing collective Plantage Energie

  • Always green (Dutch) energy from Greenchoice
  • Competitive electricity and gas prices
  • more participants -> price advantage

Waste: Zero Waste Expedition Plantage

  • Joint sorting and disposal of waste (8 cultural institutions)
  • Goal 85% recyclable, 15% residual
  • Discharge over water -> 45 trucks less
  • Ambition: also a solution for smaller entrepreneurs

Logistics: related to other themes

  • Future; research of Hub for distributing goods
  • Visitors: Cultuurferry gets visitors out of the car/coach
  • Municipality: from Jan 2025 only emission-free company cars

Want to know more or participate? Contact our sustainability project leader Ellis Buis