Easy sustainable purchasing for members De Plantage!

Published on Wednesday, December 15News

A first for the neighborhood and exclusively for members of De Plantage; easy sustainable purchasing!

Plantage members who want to purchase sustainably at a good price can now do so on their own sustainable purchasing platform, which was set up together with BIZ Knowledge Mile. Collective sustainable purchasing benefits users, is good for our environment and of course good for the neighbourhood.

Which articles?
Numerous articles are available through the platform, such as:

  • Hygiene items (towels, toilet paper, napkins, disinfection)
  • Office paper (printing paper, notepads)
  • Coffee cups (cardboard, reusable)
  • Waste separation (bins, modules, bags)
  • Facility items (crockery, drinks, food)
  • Promotional items
  • Office supplies
  • Furniture and decor

You can be sure that you are buying 100% durable goods. Moreover, together we make the neighborhood liveable by bundling the deliveries of orders; this results in less CO2 emissions and less congestion.

How do you buy on the platform?
You can register here on the landing page and immediately create an account as a member of De Plantage; and then go shopping! The supplier Product by Product advises you and thinks along with you.

The platform was set up by De Plantage and BIZ Knowledge Mile and is being realized together with Product for Product. Product for Product has many years of experience in sustainable purchasing, and in reducing waste, recycling waste into new products and organizing deliveries in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

More information?
Send an email to Ellen from bureau 8080 or to team De Plantage, and we will ensure that you can join the purchasing platform as soon as possible.