Dutch National Portrait Gallery at Marineterrein

Published on Monday, November 1News

Since September, the Dutch National Portrait Gallery has settled in a modest space on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam. From this location, the Portrait Gallery Studio, in the same building where Vincent van Gogh briefly lived, work is being done on portrait art exhibitions that contribute to understanding and appreciation for different backgrounds and stories from society. The first exhibition is a selection of portraits from The Naval Base by photographer Rob Hornstra and writer Arnold van Bruggen.

A permanent place after 7 years Founded seven years ago, under the auspices of London’s National Portrait Gallery, Dutch National Portrait Gallery’s mission has been to make art accessible to a diverse and inclusive audience. Having your own physical place creates more possibilities and freedom to shape it. “After a nomadic existence, in which we showed portraits on a project basis and in good collaboration, online, on location and as guests at museums, a private space at the Marineterrein is appropriate. Here we show special portraiture, also for a public that does not automatically go to museums. It fits in with the long-term aim to develop into a solid institute in the field of Dutch portraiture – of added value for the city of Amsterdam, for the Netherlands and with an international reputation. A modest next step is our own studio, with small, free presentations.” says Hedy van Erp, curator and one of the initiators of the Dutch National Portrait Gallery.

Exhibitions for visitors and residents
The Portrait Gallery Studio functions as an exhibition and presentation space, studio and portrait studio. It forms the basis from which the public and local residents of the Marineterrein can come into contact with the work of both established portrait artists and young talent in an accessible way. The Marineterrein is also very pleased with the arrival of the Portrait Gallery Studio on the site.

Dutch National Portrait Gallery, Kattenburgerstraat 5, building 003D, Marineterrein