Doctors Without Borders is scaling up emergency aid in Ukraine

Published on Monday, March 7News

The situation in Ukraine is getting more and more worrying. More than a million people have fled the bombing and shelling. The needs in the country are enormous and we are now scaling up the aid quickly.

Hours in the freezing cold
We see anxious and exhausted people. People who had to leave everything behind in order to escape the violence. Many are with young children, even newborn babies. People sometimes have to stand in the freezing cold for hours to cross the border. Some are dehydrated or hypothermic as a result.

We are on site
We work in Ukraine, but we also ensure that people are not alone in the border areas with Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, among others. We provide emergency care, psychological help and supply hospitals with medical kits and supplies.

You can help
Our teams provide emergency medical care where it is most needed. Now in Ukraine, but also in other countries where people are affected by war or conflict, such as Yemen and Syria. We can only do this with the support of our donors.

Make an (extra) contribution today and help people in need.

Thank you so much for your support.

Akke Boere, Deputy Operations Director Doctors Without Borders

(Photo: Emin Ozmen/Magnum Photos)