Doctors Without Borders in Ukraine

Published on Monday, February 28News

Update from Doctors without Borders, with its head office at Plantage Middenlaan, a member of our neighborhood network.

“The shelling continues day and night,” says our emergency coordinator Alex Wade from Lviv, Ukraine. We are all deeply shocked by the violence of war in Ukraine. There is an urgent need for medical help, but the medicines and resources are running out. People who are sick, injured or pregnant women are at extra risk. Our teams go to great lengths to provide medical assistance. Will you help with an (extra) contribution?

Care at the border
Our teams immediately started providing emergency aid. Both in Ukraine and in neighboring countries. We supply local hospitals and train medical personnel in providing trauma care. In the border areas we are ready to receive refugee women and children who arrive exhausted.

Like many people worldwide, we are deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine. We see tens of thousands of people fleeing the escalating violence of war. The situation is complex and changes by the hour. Our teams have already worked in Ukraine and will remain in the country to help the population with medical care.

Access to medical care
Since the start of the conflict eight years ago, we have started several projects in Ukraine. It is essential that our patients can continue to rely on medical care and medicines. We will do everything we can to continue to provide this care.

Additional teams stand by
In addition to our teams in the country, we have aid workers in Belarus and Russia ready to provide humanitarian aid. We are also sending additional teams to Ukraine’s neighboring countries to provide assistance to refugees. The first teams have already arrived. Meanwhile, more medical kits are ready to be shipped in our logistics centers. In addition, our teams are continuously assessing where emergency medical assistance is most needed and how we can provide it.

Thanks to our donors
We are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine. Thanks to the support of our donors, our teams can always respond immediately to an emergency anywhere in the world and assist people with medical and humanitarian aid. Like now in Ukraine.

Akke Boere, Deputy Operations Director Doctors Without Borders