Doctors Without Borders in Syria and Turkey

Published on Tuesday, February 7News

Doctors Without Borders is helping people in the earthquake-affected area. A call for support by this participant in our neighborhood network;

Waking up in the early morning because your house is shaking to the foundations: it happened to the inhabitants of Syria and Turkey. This devastating earthquake was followed by severe aftershocks. By the time you read this, thousands of people have already died. The number of injured is also rising rapidly. The situation is overwhelming: many people are still trapped under the rubble. Thanks to the support of donors, our teams can provide medical assistance.

Help from the first hour
In the first hours after the earthquake, we have already treated more than 200 injured people in Idlib, in northern Syria. Since then we have seen a huge influx of men, women and children with all kinds of serious injuries here in the hospitals where we work. Every hour we treat more patients. We work around the clock to provide care for everyone. In addition, we immediately made emergency aid kits available to 23 health institutions in Idlib and Aleppo. We are also handing out blankets and essential life kits to the many people sleeping outside for fear of aftershocks. And that while it has been snowing for three days.

‘Medical needs were already very great in northwestern Syria. This earthquake is another blow to the residents who have been struggling for years.’ – country coordinator Sebastien Gay

Your contribution makes a difference
With your contribution, we can take immediate action for the victims of natural disasters, such as now in Syria and Turkey, but also of conflicts and disease outbreaks. Every minute counts when it comes to saving lives. Will you help with a contribution? > Yes, I’ll help

Here’s an overview of the help so far.

Yours sincerely Judith Sargentini,
director of Doctors without Borders, for the Netherlands

Photo: ANP