Do you also write a poem for the Plantage Poetry Prize 2023?

Published on Sunday, June 11News

Every year, the Friends of the Plantage Association rewards a poet for the most beautiful, most impressive poem on a specific theme.

Poems can now be submitted for the Plantage Poetry Prize 2023, until August 15. The theme of this 32nd edition is: Round.

The theme ‘round’
Poems about things that are round, from traffic signs, circus tents and billiard balls to station clocks, apple pies and pearl necklaces, about the earth being round and spinning, rounding and other poems like circular reasoning, about the invention of the wheel and zero, about knights and tigers of assembly of the round table, about walking around and giving a round, about your belly full and getting around, endless poems whose end is the beginning again, the year round, new round with new opportunities, in short, about round.

The rules
Each poet may submit one poem with a length of no more than forty lines (including title and blank lines) in Arial 12 font. The poems will be judged anonymously by a jury of three: the poets Co Woudsma, Martine van der Reijden (winner of the PPP 2022) and Jos van Hest (chair). Until August 15, poems can be sent to

The award ceremony will take place on Saturday afternoon 23 September in the Luther Museum in Amsterdam.

Friends of the Plantage Association