Designs by Mijksenaar connect people with the places they visit

Published on Tuesday, January 31News

A good chance that you do not know Mijksenaar as a design agency, but that you encounter their solutions on a daily basis.

The designers of Mijksenaar, located at Anne Frankstraat 31, are engaged in wayfinding. As they state themselves: We specialize in wayfinding and with our designs we connect people with places they visit. Their designs have an impact on orientation, navigation and experience.

As mentioned, there is a good chance that you encounter Mijksenaar’s designs on a daily basis. Mijksenaar works (inter)nationally on large and small projects, and they also work(ed) in Amsterdam on the following projects:

  • NS stations (Centraal, Amstel, Sloterdijk en Zuid)
  • Schiphol
  • All bicycle parking garages in the city
  • Various mobility hubs throughout the city (transfer points)
  • The GVB (all metro stops)
  • Royal Theater Carré, Hermitage, ARTIS and Grootte Museum, Jewish Cultureal Quarter, Tropenmuseum, National Maritime Museum, NEMO, Amsterdam Museum
  • Westerpark
  • De Nederlandse Bank
  • Gelderlandplein
  • De Kalvertoren
  • National Museum, Van Gogh Museum
  • RAI
  • Rembrandtpark
  • Tuinen van West (Gardens of West)
  • The AMC
  • Vrije Universiteit
  • headquarters
  • Amsterdam Arena
  • The offices of Edge
  • …and many other projects.

Curious, or do you want to know more? Check out the renewed site, instagram account or just give us a call. You are always welcome for coffee or tea!

Mijksenaar, Anne Frankstraat 31