De Plantage neighborhood on Sustainable Tuesday

Published on Tuesday, August 31News

September 7th is ‘Sustainable Tuesday’, the day on which sustainable ideas and initiatives are given a stage in political The Hague. The cabinet will then receive the ‘Sustainable Tuesday suitcase’ with hundreds of sustainable ideas and initiatives from all corners of society. The most sustainable, innovative and distinctive ideas have a chance to win prizes and the opportunity to give the idea an extra boost.

The Plantation has been sustainable for years
We didn’t give ourselves up for an award. But as Plantage, we have of course been on the road for a long time to be as sustainable as possible and to become even more sustainable. The cultural institutions have been working together on this subject since 2015. The first result was the Heat Cold Storage that was installed in 2016 between the Hermitage and the Hortus. We have also been working together in the field of waste since 2017; the Zero Waste Expedition Plantation (ZWEP) project provides for the separation of waste, the collective conclusion of a single waste contract, the transport of waste by water and the processing of waste into raw materials. A purchasing collective for green energy was also set up.

Together we go even further
From 2018, initiatives and projects related to sustainability in the Plantage have been brought together in the long-term program Sustainable Plantage. The aim is to ensure that by 2030 the CO2 emissions of the participants/cultural institutions are reduced by at least 75%, in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement. We are now working very hard on this every day, together with Bureau 8080. Entrepreneurs have been able to join De Plantage as members since 2019 and in the coming years we want to collaborate even more intensively with entrepreneurs and institutions in the areas of ‘Purchasing and logistics’ and ‘Energy’. More about that in October!

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