Crowd funding for small theater hall National Opera & Ballet

Published on Tuesday, December 13News

For years Dutch National Opera & Ballet has had a big dream: to add a small hall to the theater by renewing and transforming the Boekmanzaal into: ‘Studio Boekman’. Here we offer up-and-coming talent a stage and we start the experiment.

Incredible! Within two weeks, we managed to achieve our minimum target amount of €40,000 for Studio Boekman’s new grandstand. Thanks to the donations, we can increase our target amount by €25,000. With this extra amount we can provide a better, durable grandstand and high-quality fabrics for the seats, stairs and carpet, booster seats and separate seats for children.

A small venue with big ambitions
In Studio Boekman we enter into exciting collaborations with a curious look at the unknown. On this stage we invite young makers, choreographers, writers, singers, thinkers and composers to tell their story. It will be a place where everyone can feel at home: from regular visitors to curious culture explorers. A place where special events, new stories and surprising forms of presentation allow you to experience opera and ballet in a completely different way. You can experience up close how makers and artists train, rehearse and experiment and how opera, ballet and other art forms meet. Will you help to create a seat for even more visitors? Every donation counts!

Studio Boekman, Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Amstel 3