Construction of ARTIS lion enclosure started

Published on Tuesday, October 18News

ARTIS has started construction of the new lion enclosure. The enclosure will be at the rear of the park, the former residence of the algazels.

Passers-by and neighbors already catch a glimpse of the Asian elephants, reticulated giraffes, Grévy’s zebras and kudus via the city quay, and soon also of the lions. The new enclosure was designed by landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw and is more than ten times as large in area as the current lions’ enclosure: the monumental Kerbert Terrace.

At the beginning of last year, ARTIS was forced to house the lions elsewhere in a new enclosure, when the prospect of construction no longer turned out to be realistic due to the corona crisis. Thanks to the generous support of two donating parties, it is now possible to realize the new residence. The recently completed new enclosure for the algazels and the adjustments that will be necessary to the Kerbert Terrace have also proved possible thanks to this financial support.

Summer 2023
Construction is expected to take about a year. If all goes well, the lions will move to their new home in the summer of 2023 and visitors to ARTIS can admire the animals in their renewed habitat.

Lion enclosure ARTIS