Collecting money for Amsterdammers who need it via Streetsmart

Published on Wednesday, March 8News

StreetSmart : an initiative of catering entrepreneurs

Making the city a little more beautiful, letting people enjoy themselves, that’s what the hospitality industry in Amsterdam likes to do. That is why they collect money for StreetSmart.

What is StreetSmart?
StreetSmart is an initiative of Amsterdam hospitality entrepreneurs. Internationally, the project has already proven its success in supporting projects for homeless people, families who end up on the street.

How Streetsmart works

  • In June/July and November, participating restaurants ask their restaurant guests to pay an extra 1 euro per bill to prevent imminent homelessness and to tackle poverty.
  • The sponsors cover the organizational costs, so that 100% of the donations reach the people who need it. Healthcare institution HVO-Querido ensures that the money is well spent.

How are StreetSmart’s proceeds spent?

  • This is done, among other things, by providing fresh fruit and vegetable packages in the emergency shelter.
  • StreetFood, meals that restaurants have left over, will be placed in refrigerators nearby
  • Bicycles are made available to those who don’t have one, to go to day care or take children to school.
  • StreetSmart also makes it possible for people living below the poverty line to enjoy an evening in a connected restaurant.

Are you in?
StreetSmart also provided no less than 1100 meals in the night shelter of the Stoelen project. They want to do more and to do so they need your help.

Are you a catering entrepreneur (restaurant, lunchroom etc.) and do you also want to support StreetSmart? Send an email to and they will contact you.

And let our Plantage Network know that you are participating, so we can donate our extra euro during our next visit at your place.