Cleaning squares Sol LeWitt

Published on Monday, September 11News

The cleaning of the squares designed by Sol LeWitt started in August.

The Kunstwacht was the first to tackle the Koerierstersplein with the high-pressure spray. The job is not yet finished and Februariplein and Markenplein will follow later.

The Koerierstersplein, the Februariplein and the Markenplein are works of art designed by the American artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2007). He came up with the star pattern. The works of art are called Complex form. Sol LeWitt’s design was executed by the Amsterdam artist Willem Wolff, who lives on Koerierstersplein. He has acted as Sol LeWitt’s assistant since the 1980s. In a 2001 interview with de Volkskrant, Wollf said: ‘LeWitt came to watch. He is very satisfied with the squares.”

Jewish Museum
Februariplein and Markenplein will be cleaned later. According to the Kunstwacht, at least before October this year. From October 30, the work of the American Jewish artist Sol LeWitt can be seen in the Jewish Museum. The squares are truly unique in Sol LeWitt’s oeuvre and it is very special for the museum that they are also just around the corner! The squares are therefore part of the exhibition and the museum is organizing a special neighbors day on location about Sol LeWitt on September 23, with attention to the design and creation of the squares.

Source and more information: website Bewonersraad 1011.