Changes in schedule, prices and boarding locations Culture Ferry

Published on Saturday, June 29News

Since the end of April, the hop-on hop-off Culture Ferry has been sailing past 30 cultural hotspots in the city, including a number in De Plantage.

A number of changes have been implemented this month based on the first experiences and feedback from passengers. The organization expects the Culture Ferry to become even more accessible to everyone and to improve operational efficiency.

Price reduction

The price of a ticket has been reduced from €28.00 to €23.50. The organization is happy to be able to do this and hopes that this will give more people the opportunity to use our services. In addition, the price reduction strengthens the competitive position in the market.

New schedule 

To better meet the needs of our passengers, the Culture Ferry will now sail from Friday to Sunday – Thursday will no longer be a sailing day. The sailing times are also adjusted. The first ferry departs at 11:00 AM and the last one departs from Central Station at 4:00 PM.

The Culture Ferry route was experienced as long by both our passengers and the crew on board, so it was decided to shorten it. The shortened route also changes some boarding and disembarking locations (see image). A customized map will follow as soon as possible. 

What is the Culture Ferry?

Since the end of April you can explore our beloved Plantage neighborhood by water with the Culture Ferry, a hop-on hop-off experience along 30 cultural hotspots in the city. During the cruise, museum guides on board will take you on a journey of discovery through the history and culture of Amsterdam and tell you about the institutions along the route. Visitors can choose when they get on and off and which museums they visit next. The boat trip is suitable for all ages.

In the Plantage neighborhood you can visit the Rembrandt House Museum, H’Art Museum, Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel, Museum of the Spirit, Willet-Holthuysen House, Jewish Museum, Portuguese Synagogue, Holocaust Name Monument, National Holocaust Museum, Hollandsche Schouwburg, De Hortus, House of Gassan, KIT, Wereldmuseum Amsterdam, ARTIS, Resistance Museum, Museum ’t Kromhout, and Het Scheepvaartmuseum.

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