CALL What do you do for your neighbors on Neighbor Day?

Published on Monday, August 14News

On September 23 it’s Neighbor Day again! Do you organize something special for your neighbors? Tell us…..then we will bring it further.

Are you involved in your neighbourhood, do you want to see your neighbors again and give them an extra welcome; what better occasion than Neighbor Day? As an entrepreneur, cultural institution, organization or just as an individual neighbor in De Plantage, do you have a special promotion for the neighborhood or your neighbors? Tell us and we will share it in our network.

In and around De Plantage are already fun things on the agenda; such as breakfast in the National Maritime Museum, a neighborhood BBQ in the Dapperbuurt, Burendag in the Spinozahof and activities for the youth on the Eastern Islands. If you want to know what is being organized, take a look at the map here.

Do you want to organize an event?
Invite your neighbors for coffee, organize a special tour or a fun event, and tell us so that we can support your initiative communicatively! Ideas and examples for scenarios and the organization can be found on the website.

‘Burendag’ is an initiative of Douwe Egberts and the Oranje Fonds and is held on the fourth Saturday of September. An annual party that you celebrate together with your neighbors and the neighbourhood; a day on which you get together and where many people do something good for each other and the neighborhood.

Neighbor Day 2023, September 23