Bright Light Photography: 2022 and plans for this year

Published on Sunday, January 15News

February 24, 2022 was a turbulent day with storm clouds, literally and figuratively. A day we will all undoubtedly remember.

This was also the first day that I was photographing for the Plantage neighborhood and right at the National Holocaust Names Monument.

Fortunately, this was followed by an introduction to beautiful and positive developments within the Plantage neighborhood. Inspiring sustainability initiatives, such as the collaboration between the Hortus and the Hermitage with the Heat-Cold Storage. The degree of savings achieved was far beyond my expectations. And how nice is it to stand on the roof of the Hermitage for an image of the solar panels together with the beautiful Amstel surroundings!

It was also unexpected to see how solar panels could be elegantly incorporated into the special round glass roof of Capital C, the building of the former diamond exchange. Through all the enthusiastic stories I received during photography, I got a special impression of what is being done in this area.

In the autumn the the Pillows Hotel on the Mauritskade opened. The transformation project, from Zoological Museum to hotel, was completed and of course had to be properly visualized. Partly thanks to the cordial welcome, this was a great assignment. It was good to hear how the hotel worked together to coordinate the wishes regarding the development of the Oosterpark duringthe renovation of the large building. The park now extends up to the building and is much more connected to it than before.

After years of focusing on (individual) monumental buildings, I felt the need to pay more attention to other subjects. Photos of Amsterdam in the snow, for example, and of special cities abroad, which I also like to bring to the attention of interested parties. These and more photos can be ordered via, but can also be printed as desired in consultation. Because there is cohesion between photos within a collection, they are suitable for combining.

I thank everyone I met last year for the pleasant contact. And wish De Plantage neighborhood and network members a prosperous year!

Sincerely, Suzan Baars
Bright Light Photography