Autumn tips from ANMEC/IVN and Nature Working Day

Published on Monday, November 1News

Can you smell it already? It’s autumn! And that means that the streets, schoolyards and parks are strewn with golden leaves, chestnuts, acorns and beech nuts. Nature throws us presents! You can do really nice things with that. ANMEC/IVN Nature Education will help you on your way with a number of fun and instructive tips on their website. We name a few:

  • Growing mushrooms! (for members); with a growing kit and the lessons and manual of the NatuurMEdiatheek you can bring your own mushrooms into your home and learn how they grow and what they need.
  • Find chestnuts and acorns to make dolls; IVN Nature Education has several fun autumn activity cards, including ‘Kastanjevolk’; make the cute dolls with chestnuts and acorns. Download the activity cards here.
  • Autumn theme bag (for members); this inspiration bag from the NatuurMEdiatheek contains concrete material, such as search cards, posters, books, hand puppets and puzzles. The activity cards are about: sensory experience, doing research, reading, playing with language and math, moving, singing, caring for, telling and making.
  • IVN Podcast: experience autumn; come out with this audio walk and experience the changing autumn nature near you. Go to your podcast app and type in ‘experience the fall’ or click on this link.
  • Making an autumn table with decoration material (for members); do you want to dress it up a little autumn at home? Maybe you can make a beautiful fall table! You can borrow an autumn box from the NatuurMEdiatheek with all kinds of decorative material such as leaves, mushrooms, a hedgehog, acorns and berries. This will allow you to bring autumn into your home in no time.

Are you looking for more of this kind of inspiration or do you want advice? Our team is ready for you. Mail to or call us: 020-6225404. More information on the website.

Nature Working Day
It’s Nature Working Day this Saturday; get to know nature by doing green volunteer work on the Nature Working Day! Find a job near you and sign up; there are also jobs in nature in Amsterdam. Check the website for more information.