ARTIS financial situation worrying; lions are being transferred

Published on Friday, January 29News

The consequences of the corona crisis are enormous, especially for ARTIS. The financial situation of ARTIS, including the Planetarium and Micropia, is alarming. The dire situation leads to drastic measures: a national support campaign and the departure of the lions.

No visitors, costs remain
The historic Amsterdam Zoo has been closed for the third time in a row in one year as a result of the corona crisis. In 2020, the number of visitors halved compared to 2019. The sale of day tickets even decreased by 63%. However, the costs just continue; € 60,000 per day to keep the park running. For this amount, the animals, plants and microbes are taken care of and the park maintains more than 80 buildings, 26 of which are national monuments.

Lions leaving
Yesterday it was announced that the lions will be leaving ARTIS in mid-February. In the current situation there is no money to implement the plan for the new lion enclosure. The three lions, two lionesses and a male lion, go to a zoo in France together. Here they get a nice stay.

This is extremely difficult for ARTIS; director Rembrandt Sutorius explained the decision last night in Eva Jinek’s talk show. Watch the interview here. These days a lot of support has come up for ARTIS in the form of donations. Artis has started a fundraising campaign on the website. Whether the lions can stay because of this is by no means certain.


Photos; Ronald van Weeren