ARTIS and Hortus open again

Published on Wednesday, May 19News

ARTIS and the Hortus are now receiving visitors again.

After five months of closure as a result of the corona measures, the zoo and botanical park have reopened the gates happily.

Today the park was officially reopened by her patroness Princess Margriet, star baker and ARTIS ambassador Sieb (7 years old) and director Rembrandt Sutorius. At the beginning of this year, Sieb collected many donations by baking dozens of cakes and was the first visitor to enter the park today. Many children, ARTIS members, ARTIS friends and many companies, visitors and enthusiasts have supported ARTIS in recent months.

Now on view in ARTIS
The spring flowers bloom profusely. Much of the seasonal planting is edible and is picked by the caretakers and given to the animals as a supplement to their daily diet. Once the finishing touches have been added to the landscaping around the revamped Gibbon Island, with a little luck you will hear the singing of the Golden-cheeked Gibbons again as they swing through their new enclosure. The pavilion is more spacious and completely fossil-free.
Outdoor locations and terrace are open. Tickets and starting times can be reserved via the website.

Hortus Amsterdam
Visitors can once again enjoy the botanical garden and walk around freely. Spring has arrived and a lot of beautiful things are in bloom in the fresh green outdoor garden. The perfect 1.5 meter outing.

Now on display in the Hortus
The Hortus is now a colorful spring garden with countless flowering plants. Brightly colored flowers can be seen in the rhododendron section, and a beautiful carpet of purple wild hyacinths (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) and white wild garlic (Allium ursinum) spread throughout the garden. The much loved wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) against the Hortus office is blooming profusely. The Victoria water lily is also on display, famous for its enormous leaves, sometimes one and a half meters in diameter. The first flower will be on display in June.
The terrace of the Hortus Café are open every day for coffee, lunch or a drink. A reservation can be made online prior to the visit.

Reservation and tickets via the ARTIS en Hortus websites.