Are you wearing a warm sweater on February 10?

Published on Tuesday, January 31News

266.122 people are participating in Warm Sweater Day on February 10, 2023. Will you join us?

Do you know that we can all save the annual consumption of three Wadden Islands in one day? In short: together we have an impact, and that is what we are aiming for with Warm Sweater Day.

Get into action, turn down the heat and grab your thickest sweater. This is how you participate in Warm Sweater Day. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Dutch people actively sign up for Warm Sweater Day under the motto ‘warm yourself, not the world‘. Because if, for example, everyone heats one degree lower for one heating season, that saves 1 megaton of CO₂; that is a significant portion of the 3.4 megatons of emissions that the Netherlands must save in all buildings before 2030.

So: turn down the heating, put on an extra warm sweater, share your climate solutions on the map, post your action or favorite warm sweater story on social media, make an action sweater, ask your neighbours, colleagues, friends and family and participate! Do you want to read more, know more, get inspiration? Then check out the inspiration page. Saving energy together gives energy.

Of course you can just participate, but you can also show that you are participating; register via the website.