Anniversary tips from NEW2NL

Published on Wednesday, June 28News

NEW2NL, educational consultancy for international families in the Netherlands and member of De Plantage, celebrates its 10th anniversary! Annebet van Mameren celebrates this joyous occasion with 10 tips about going to school in the Netherlands on YouTube.

What started as a few advices and small presentations here and there, has grown in the past 10 years into a complete educational consultancy with almost 1000 (!) customer families. To celebrate this milestone, 10 short videos with tips have been made for families with preschool and school-going children moving to the Netherlands.

There are now five tips online, including tips about full schools, waiting lists for daycare centers and playgroups, and school times in the Netherlands.

Spread the word and tip neighbours, friends or acquaintances who could benefit from it!

Watch the tips on YouTube here. More info on the website.