ANMEC and IVN together for a green Amsterdam

Published on Sunday, January 17News

The ANMEC Foundation, the Amsterdam expertise center for learning about nature and sustainability, will merge with IVN Nature Education on 1 January 2021. Both organizations are members of our neighborhood network.

Together, both parties hope to be able to do even more to make Amsterdam neighborhoods greener, and to give nature a permanent place in the hearts of Amsterdammers.

For more than 25 years, ANMEC, proud owner of a very extensive Nature Media Library, has been committed to a green and healthy living environment in the capital. With the help of educational activities, training and advice, the extensive network and the loan of teaching materials to schools, many children have already learned a lot about nature in the city, about where our food comes from, about energy, cycles and sustainability.

The merger of ANMEC and IVN Nature Education ensures that a lot of knowledge is bundled and the effectiveness is increased, so that both organizations can ultimately achieve even more together. Both ANMEC and IVN are therefore very much looking forward to the collaboration.

Mission: A Green (loving) Amsterdam!
‘All ANMEC employees look forward to working with their IVN colleagues, which will also create a larger and more versatile range to make the Amsterdammer and her city even greener and more sustainable,’ says Atze Sytsma, interim director of ANMEC.

Director Jelle de Jong of IVN Nature Education: “Amsterdam wants to be one of the greenest cities in Europe, where all residents can experience nature within 100 meters of their home. IVN and ANMEC are happy to contribute to this wonderful ambition, starting with connecting all children with the natural environment! “

ANMEC and IVN, Plantage Middenlaan 2c