An asset to Museum ’t Kromhout

Published on Monday, August 8News

Museum ’t Kromhout has been able to add a 62 hp 4GSK marine engine with a Brevo gearbox to its collection. The engine comes from a large saloon boat owned by Rederij Amsterdam Sailors, which donated it to the museum. In the coming period, volunteers from the museum will check and overhaul the engine so that it can also be admired running again soon.

Museum ’t Kromhout can be found in an area where many small shipyards were once located, the cradle of the nautical industry. You will find a fascinating presentation of the history of the yard and demonstrations of the historic, still working Kromhout engines. The beautiful Westkap of the building is still in use as a shipyard.

Museum ’t Kromhout, Hoogte Kadijk 147