Amsterdam is slowly becoming emission-free

Published on Saturday, June 10News

Areas for zero-emission traffic from 2025.

From 2025 there will be areas in the city where you can only drive a new vehicle or vessel without exhaust fumes. These are taxis, vans and trucks, mopeds and light mopeds and boats. It does not apply to passenger cars. This will make the air cleaner and make the city healthier and quieter. We look at where we can help entrepreneurs and residents.

Step by step, we want cleaner traffic in the city. Then the air will be cleaner, and the people of Amsterdam will be healthier. We also emit less CO₂. That is why from 2025 there will be areas in which only new vehicles and vessels drive without exhaust fumes. They run on electricity or hydrogen. Hybrid vehicles are not covered. There is a transitional arrangement for existing vehicles.

What will we do from 2025?
From 2025 we will move step by step to areas for traffic without exhaust fumes. That means:

  • Diesel passenger cars with emission class up to and including 4 are no longer allowed to enter the environmental zone within the A10 ring road.
  • The area within the A10 ring road is only for emission-free freight traffic with transitional arrangements for emission class 5 and 6 vehicles.
  • The entire built-up area is only for electric mopeds and light mopeds, with transitional arrangements for old vehicles.
  • The center is an emission-free area for pleasure craft, with a transitional arrangement until 2030.
  • An emission-free inland waterway area for passenger shipping and water transport.
  • The area within the A10 ring road is for emission-free taxis, with a transitional arrangement for emission class 5 and 6 vehicles.
  • Public transport buses will run exhaust-free from 2025.

More information on the municipality’s website.