A green street soon? Request a facade garden now!

Published on Tuesday, December 26News

If you look outside now it may be difficult to imagine, but soon everything will grow and bloom in the street again; not in your street? Create a facade garden!

Facade gardens brighten up streets and neighborhoods and give the neighborhood its own character. Everyone in the neighborhood enjoys these plant and flower paradises. Also provide more greenery in your neighborhood and request a facade garden.

The municipality creates the facade garden and you take care of the plants yourself. The municipality can only create a facade garden if there is enough space left on the sidewalk. These are the agreements for a facade garden. The facade garden is:

  • no wider than your home
  • maximum width of 45cm from the facade
  • for very wide sidewalks, maximum 60cm wide (including retaining strip)
  • After construction, 6 feet of sidewalk must remain
  • Read all conditions here.

You can apply here. Read more about the facade garden and the rules on the municipality’s website.

The beautiful facade garden in the photo is on the Muiderstaat and was created by fellow Plantage member Blooming Buildings.