10 million for parks, including Wertheimpark

Published on Wednesday, December 8News

The municipality will create a lot of extra greenery in the coming years and improve and expand parks, and is investing more than 10 million euros in this. The money will be divided between 7 large green projects, including Wertheim Park and Knowledge Mile Park. This is the first half of the 26.6 million euros that has been reserved for large green projects. The remaining 15 million euros will follow early next year.

Expansion of Wertheim Park (€850,000)
On the wide part of the Plantage Parklaan, the carriageway shifts towards the Hortus to the houses side. This creates space to expand the Wertheim Park with extra greenery.

Knowledge Mile Park (2.1 million euros)
Together with residents and entrepreneurs, the municipality is greening the area from the IJtunnel to Amstelplein, including trees, planting areas and seating and play areas.

A greener Amsterdam
In 2021 and 2022, another 6 million euros will be spent on, among other things, making streets and squares greener and climate-proof, 250 extra trees, various food initiatives and nature-friendly banks in the Amsterdamse Bos.

More information; view the map with green projects