20 Sep - 31 Oct

Winners Roots Nature Photo Competition in Hortus


In the Hortus, among the trees and plants, the photos of the winners of the Roots Nature Photo Competition 2021 can be admired. The open-air exhibition runs until October 31. Roots magazine has been organizing the Nature Photo Competition for 15 years; it is now one of the most important competitions for Dutch nature photography.

This year, a record number of more than 8,000 photos were submitted. Varying from autumn scenes with squirrels, exuberantly flowering heathlands and macro photography of beautiful insects. Dutch nature appears to be an inexhaustible source of beautiful scenes. Especially for those who go out before dawn and who are willing to lie patiently in the grass, because you have to be willing to pay for such unique images.

Ice dancing duck
Various – now well-known – nature photographers such as Jasper Doest, Theo Bosboom and Edwin Giesbers have once won a prize in this competition as a novice photographer. The main prize 2021 is for Johan Bosman, with the photo Frislingen. The public could also vote and chose the image Ice dancing duck, made by Martin Poelman. In addition, the jury has selected a winner per category from the thousands of photos submitted: birds, other animals, vegetation, landscape, insects, art of nature and young people up to and including 25 years old.  

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, Plantage Middenlaan 2A, until October 31, 2021