30 Sep - 9 Jan

Tsars and Knights in Hermitage Amsterdam


In the exhibition “Tsars and Knights,” in Hermitage Amsterdam more than 250 objects tell the story of the Middle Ages, knights and damsels, courtly love and tournaments, and their revival at the Russian imperial court.

The collection comes from European medieval art collections and the Arsenal of the Hermitage St. Petersburg. It was brought together for the first time in the Netherlands, It is a real family exhibition.

The exhibition is an experience full of epic knight adventures, romantic damsels and rare art treasures, an adventurous story for the whole family. From breathtaking art by famous masters such as Hugo van der Goes to an exciting treasure hunt with radio play, for children from 7 years old.

There is also a hashtag tour in which television personality Tim Hofman connects some high-profile masterpieces with popular themes of today. Suitable for young people from 15 years old. And for 15-24 year olds there is the Grand Art Game, with quizzes about the Middle Ages and knights, which will soon be on display in the Netherlands for the first time.

Exhibition to January 9th 2022

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Hermitage Amsterdam, Nieuwe Keizersgracht 1

Imagery; State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg