23 Dec - 7 Jan

Tip for kids; winter in ARTIS


Come and discover ARTIS with the whole family. Every day there are activities for all ages: from a winter treasure hunt in ARTIS-Park to a craft workshop in ARTIS-Micropia or a family game in the ARTIS-Groote Museum. This Christmas holiday only, you can go to the ARTIS museums for only €6 on presentation of your ARTIS Park ticket.

Do one of the winter treasure hunts, take a winter tour, make a microbe cuddly toy or go to the new live show at the ARTIS Planetarium. There you will look for ice in our solar system this winter, during the Ice Journey. Is the Netherlands still a cold country? It’s winter, but you don’t encounter much ice and snow anymore. Travel through space, where it still gets really cold. From ice moons to dirty snowballs and frozen debris. Afterwards, don’t forget that you can eat delicious poffertjes in the Planetarium café! And of course there is also plenty to do for kids in the ARTIS museums (Micropia and the Groote Museum).

ARTIS, Plantage Kerklaan 38-40