2 Dec - 23 Jan

Ticket sale 10th edition Amsterdam Light Festival started


The 10th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is in the works. From December 2 to January 23, 2022, the twenty most special, inspiring and popular light artworks from the past nine editions will return to Amsterdam.

The theme is ‘Celebrate Light’. In addition to the twenty highlights, new works are also being created (e.g. through educational projects) and attention is paid to social issues. In this way, the organization wants to celebrate 10 years of the Amsterdam Light Festival together with the city, residents and visitors.

By boat or by foot
There are boat- and walking experiences around the light art and you can already buy your tickets. From the Amsterdam waters you have a beautiful view of the artworks in a heated canal boat, while you listen to the Celebrate Light audio tour. You can also listen to the stories of 10 years of Amsterdam Light Festival on foot, with the audio tour or with the digital map in your hand.

Amsterdam Light Festival, December 2 to January 23, 2022

Tickets you can order tickets here.

Photo; Moonburn – Stichting Barstow – Copyright Janus van den Eijnden