8 May - 31 Jul

The youngest among us can dance at VROG!


Whether you like HipHop/Streetdance, K pop, breaking: dance, dance, dance at VROG…

You can join no less than 10 new mini-courses from May 8, age from 6 years. Within VROG there is a state-of-the-art dance studio. And VROG works together with expert dancers and teachers to give everyone the chance to dance and try out many urban dance forms: Breaking with Amsterdam Breaking Community (ABC), hip hop/ street dance and K pop course with the great Lucy Büchel or with our cool partners of the well-known BeatZone.

10 new mini-courses for a spring full of dance!
Gelvin from Beatzone: “We are so excited that VROG is taking the step to establish this beautiful urban dance and sports community at this iconic location in Amsterdam.” Come and dance!

Jump on the trampoline
And of course you can also contact VROG for a trampoline during the holidays. Trampoline jumping is pure fun. Good for your condition, coordination and balance. The trampoline makes you happy, stimulates the senses and is suitable for everyone who likes to jump, from young children to adults. The VROG ticket gives access to all trampolines, including the airbag to practice somersaults.

You will find all courses and information listed here;
Dance courses VROG, Mr. Visserplein