1 Aug - 15 Oct

The Marineterrein of Chiquita


Free guided tours until Sunday October 15; take a look at our neighboring neighborhood and be guided around the beautiful and fascinating Marineterrein.

This summer, local resident Chiquita Odjo-Seymonson will be giving free guided tours of the Marineterrein.

Chiquita visited the Marineterrein for the first time not so long ago and immediately fell in love: “During my tour we walk past the places that I think are the most beautiful. And that can always change, because every time I come here, I see something new”.

Which world famous painter lived here? What story is hidden behind the fountain? And what does Le Corbusier have to do with building 027? Walk along with Chiquita and let yourself be carried away by her stories. The tours are free and last about an hour. Starting point: Building 003 D, next to the old green gate.

Register here for a tour of the Marineterrein.