1 Dec - 31 Jan

Stay warm during the winter at ARTIS


Stay warm during the winter in ARTIS until January 31, 2022. There are winter quests and treasure hunts, winter stories and special tours. The park is in a Christmas spirit, there is even a merry-go-round and of course the mulled wine is not lacking.

Treasure hunt and winter tour
During the winter treasure hunt you will discover all the warm winter shelters and you will find out how a sea lion stays warm in cold water, and what kind of animal can survive in temperatures down to minus 196 degrees. In addition, you can also join the special winter tour of the park, and then warm up again with a mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Merry-go-round and Christmas tree full of lights
From December 17, there will also be a merry-go-round in the park, almost as old as ARTIS itself. You can take a ride for €2.00. From December 7 you can taste the Christmas atmosphere under the large Christmas tree on the Papegaaienlaan, decorated with lights.

Winter stargazing and icy water bears in Micropia
Are you curious about the astronomical background of Christmas, and whether the universe looks different during the winter? Find out during one of the live performances at the Planetarium. View the Daily Agenda for current times and dates on which these performances take place.
In Micropia it is nice and warm for humans, but many microbes do not need this to survive. In fact, a water bear can survive even in a temperature of -270 degrees Celsius. During the entire month of December, all children up to and including 17 years of age can enter Micropia for free (from January 1, 2022 up to and including 12 years of age free). Adults in possession of an ARTIS ticket pay only €4.50 for a visit in December.

Warm yourself with winter delicacies
Winter scents and flavors are not lacking. Have a typical winter pumpkin and pea soup at the restaurants, and warm up with a mulled wine at the Serre. Various warm delicacies are available at the merry-go-round on weekends and during the Christmas holidays. Warm yourself with hot chocolate, soup, poffertjes and mulled wine with herbs from the edible garden of ARTIS.

Stay warm during the winter in ARTIS en Micropia, until January 31th 2022, Plantage Kerklaan 38-40