1 Apr - 7 May

Spring in the Hortus


Finally it’s spring! The days are getting longer, the temperatures more pleasant and the garden more and more colorful. The crocuses, hyacinths, anemones and primroses shoot up en masse as heralds of spring. The tulip season is coming soon and the magnolias are also in bloom. That is why the Hortus celebrates spring with the Hortus Spring Days (until 7 May). This season we dive into the bottom – literally and figuratively! With a workshop plant cuttings in April, a scavenger hunt for younger visitors and more; the activities at a glance:

Free spring scavenger hunt: (w)underground world, from April 22
Discover in the Hortus what grows on and in the ground, crawls, jumps and slithers and how important healthy soil is for the plants. This children’s scavenger hunt (also fun for adults) can be picked up for free at the porter from April 22.

Workshop: cuttings with mama botanica, April 30
Mix your own soil and cut as you wish with Mama Botanica’s cutting workshop! Spring is the best time to propagate your plants. Learn all about propagating your houseplants and the best soil types for your plant babies.

Themed tour: royal plants, April 29 & 30
This special King’s Day themed tour takes you past plants that have something to do with royal families or plants that have something royal because of their appearance… Are you walking along royal bloomers?

The tulip season has arrived |
The first colorful tulip are already sticking out above the tubs. In a few weeks you will find a large variety of special colors and shapes in the garden, of both flower and leaf: a real tulip exhibition. So come by on a sunny day for a tulip walk (or let yourself be cheered up by the beautiful colors on a less sunny day). And keep an eye on our website for the latest tulip news!

Hortus Spring Days, April 1 until May 7th, Hortus Amsterdam, Plantage Middenlaan 2A